AXLEFIX is an accredited specialist in heavy axle corrections and wheel alignments to all makes and models of trucks, busses and trailers. From very small to very big our system is unique and has developed over many years..

We pride ourselves on accuracy, honesty and integrity. Australian roads have a much greater camber and because of this, we need to set the camber and caster to suit our conditions. We advise you that it is better done sooner rather than later in order to save the life of your tyres.

With a correct wheel alignment, the vehicle’s tyre life will be extended considerably thus saving on tyres. The vehicle will drive smoothly without vibrations and wandering whereby the driver will be less fatigued. A properly aligned vehicle will save on fuel costs in the long run.

Above all, safety is of paramount importance and AxleFix is committed to the highest standards of workmanship. All work carried out by us is guaranteed and is in keeping with current standards and techniques.