Benefits of Truck Wheel Alignment

Keeping up on Truck Wheel maintenance has its perks. Did you know:

Heavy Truck Wheel Alignment in Melbourne, Victoria

  • Truck Wheel alignments are designed to realign wheels to a straighter roll position on the road for less roll resistance. Less roll resistance means less friction, and ultimately, better fuel economy, tire life, component wears, and decreased driver fatigue.
  • Front end alignments on commercial trucks are especially important since the back wheels on the tandem axles have to follow in their tracks. Misaligned tandem axles will cause the truck to “thrust” or “scrub,” resulting in a vehicle being pushed out of straight line travel. Every service begins with a front end alignment and extends to all tandem axles.
  • If your drivers complain of fighting the wheel, or the truck pulling to the side, then a semi-truck Wheel alignment service is a necessary procedure to counteract these effects of misaligned wheels.

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